Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i resolve to...

hello hello, and happy 2012!  all the best to you; may your year be fruitful, fun, and healthy.  

i was just trying to come up with a better post title, and started thinking about the word "resolve."  i'm taking it apart and making it work for me.  this year i will again try to solve my problems.  shall i call them shortcomings?  issues?  things i wish i did better?  the prefix re- means again.  solve again.  tell me you've never made the same resolution two years in a row.  

every year i say i'm going to run more, organize better and sort out my world, be on time (HA!), and get myself together.  i'll be less scared of myself, i'll practice what i preach, finish what i started.  i'll do more.  this year i added Blog More.  i'll put that under finish what i started, but call it continue what i started.  

in 2012 i'm also going to make my YMCA membership worth it, get out of the house sooner, and finish the "organizing" i started in my new house.  today it starts with the kitchen and the hall closets.  there, now it's in stone.  i said it so i have to do it.  i'm going to try to post before and after pictures.  okay, that's in stone to.  i will post before & afters.  with my new camera my Mr. bought me for Christmas.  sweet!

hopefully my trying the same solutions again this year will be successful.  here's to resolutions!